The Chamber
The Chamber of Commerce and Services Switzerland-Maghreb was established in 2016 as an association according to Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. The Chamber has no political and no religious goals.

The main objective is to promote trade and services between Switzerland and the Maghreb Countries: Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

Advisory Board
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We provide different services to our partners including advisory, market information, training, translations, mediation, business representations and travel

Maghreb means West or Sunset. The Word is derived from the word GHARABA „the sun goes down“. So Maghreb is where the sun goes down. Maghreb means also the countries of North Africa (Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya).

These countries with a population of about 90 mio people do represent a huge potentail for Swiss medium and small entreprises. Switzerland is importing about 2 mio tons of goods from the Maghreb area for a value of 2.3 billions CHF. Exports to the region represent 121 mio tons for a value of 1.4 CHF. The volume of passengers who flew to the Maghreb Countries is estimated to be 310 344 passengers who flew to the region mostly from the airports of Zurich, Geneva and Basle.

There are different member categories: Active members, Non-active members, Honorary members, Patrons to support the purposes of the chamber. You can apply for membership.

A secretariat is at your disposal to assist you with your needs. Contact the secretariat

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